Masterclass is a banded course for 3dsmax power users, with a limited number of admissions per year (5 attendees/class)
Course period is 3 weeks, 12 hours per week, 6 hours per day
it is the most complete course of the academy, and the course brings your knowledge and imagery to another level.

In the Academy, the Software and Hardware are all ready to use, you do not to bring anything but USB3.0 to have the course documents for future study.
There are B&B services available right here at the academy, and if you have a request, please contact us after you register for the course!
The Academy will continue to update the latest software, ensure that the student can learn the best possible techniqe
if you are a total new user to 3dsmax and VRay , we suggest you could start form 3dsmax & VRay basics, or you could access to our Patreon Online Course(chinese only):  https://www.patreon.com/mumuacademy
Basically, beginners can join in! You can also start learning through the 3dsmax & VRay basics course online! Https://www.patreon.com/mumuacademy
6 Workstations
6 FHD Monitors
6 Wacom Drawing Tablets
2 Wacom Cintiq Pro 16/24 Drawing Monitor
B&B Accommodation 500NT/night (regsiter needed)