What is masterclass?

Masterclass in the course for a master, with a limited number of admissions per year (5 student per classes)
Course period is 3 weeks, 12 hours a week, 6 hours a day, it is recommanded that attendee have the basic knowledge of 3dsmax and V-Ray.

Software to install? Do I need to bring my laptop?

You don't have to bring any hareware to the academy

I need accommodation B&B

B&B services are available right here at the academy, and if you have a request, please contact us after the registeration

Software Versions and Updates?

The Academy will continue to update the latest software, so that the attendee get the best out of newest version of knowledge

What kind of ability do I need to attend Masterclass course?

We suggest you have basic 3dsmax basic knowledge and 3D graphic rendering, if you are not sure, you can start with our 3dsmax&V-Ray Basic Course

What kind of ability do I need to attend 3dsmax&V-Ray course?

Basically, beginners can attend! It only takes some 3D knowledge and basics graphics concept.

What kind of facilities and services does the Academy provide?

5 Workstations
5 FHD Monitor
5 Wacom Draw tablets
2 Wacom Cintiq Pro 16/24
B&B accommodation 500/night (register)